Wishful Wednesday [5]

Hello Wednesday!

Wishful Wednesday, here we are!

I guess I’m kinda over-excited with Wishful Wednesday cause before Wednesday, I already write down long -uh, correction- longggggggggg wishlist.

I hardly picked one that I wanted the most, Love is Walking Hand in Hand. I found this book review few days ago and it just caught me.

I love the illustration! It was simple but touchy. This book reminds me and maybe others, love is as simple as that. Love is what we do to someone that we care and also, to our self.

I wish I could have this book as soon as possible. Anyone? :p

Ah, this one also related with book. As a person who love to read book, I can read anywhere and anytime. But, it would be great if I have cozy place like this.

I imagine my self, reading book inside that bubble, having a good time with book that I read while enjoying the nature surround me. Seems legit :3

I was hoping that the bubble was waterproof, so I can have floating-library, but to imagine that it wasn’t safe (how if there’s hole and your book getting wet or..you can’t control your bubble and floating to the sea.. *gasp*) So I guess it would be enough.

Any of  you that interested to participate in Wishful Wednesday can follow this steps:

  1. Follow blog Books To Share – or add to your blogroll/blog link
  2. Create post about book (can be more than one) that you wish to have. It could be books that you’re about to buy, or maybe books that you feel almost impossible to have! Don’t forget to explain why it was in your wishlist. 
  3. Don’t forget to add your Wishful Wednesday post’s link to Mr.Linky. Click Mr.Linky button at the bottom of Wishful Wednesday weekly post at Books To Share. If you want, you can add Wishful Wednesdat button on your blog.
  4. Last but not least, let’s visit other blogs that participate in Wishful Wednesday, too! Enjoy! 😀

Lots of love, ♥ ZP ♥


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