Sing-a-song: Love Me

Hmm.. Oldies, as always :p

I knew this song from my father. He used to play the cassette of it, until I lost it 😦

He told me that he played ‘Love Me’ over and over again while drive with my mom, when they were dating.

When I was kid, I just love the rhythm of this song. But since I grown up, the lyrics really touch me. Kindly refer to this link if you want to hear to the song: Love Me by Michael Cretu


Love me

and do not ever leave me

You’re the only one

You’re not just for fun


Love me

don’t believe them when they say

I don’t really care

That just isn’t fair


Cause I love and need you so

I will always be true to you

Never mind how I sometimes act

My feelings are the same


* Love me, need me

That’s all I want from you

Love me, believe me

And always be true

Love me, don’t leave me

Without you

My life would be blue


Love me and don’t ever doubt it

At the very start

You were in my heart

Show me the way into your feelings

I’ll do ev’rythin’

I’ll give you a ring


Whatever you want from me

If you love me, I will agree

Be my queen and I’ll be your king

Wouldn’t that be exciting?


I can’t stop smiling while type the lyrics. For me, Love Me is an everlasting love song. Despite the fact that it was my parent memorable song, I really think it is a cute song  and I do wish to have someone sing this to me, with the gaze and smile. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

Sometimes, our love story might not as sweet as we always wish. People might not show their love to you the way you wish they do, but it doesn’t mean they not love you. That is why, you need to trust and have no doubt to your partner.

Also, always be true. When you do, you will gain trust from your partner and vice versa. When you trust each other, it would be easier to walk hand in hand, along your journey of life. Together.

My favourite line is,

Whatever you want from me

If you love me, I will agree

Be my queen and I’ll be your king

Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Yes, I think that would be exciting. I think it’s every girl dream, to be queen of her lovely king, which is her soulmate.

I don’t believe that happy ever after did exist. What I believe is, love make you strong. It won’t solve any problem, it help you to face it bravely.




p.s: dedicated to you. you know who you are. you always do 🙂


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