About the Writer

I read to escape from reality. I write to keep myself sane.

Most of my post are written in Indonesian, as it is my first language. However, I always try my best to improve my English. And maybe Hebrew or Germany as well.

I have so much dreams. Let me mention some for you:

  • have Stradivarius violin
  • get ‘Verified’ badge for my twitter
  • go on date with David Garrett or Ted Fu (Wong Fu for Lyfe!) or RapMonster ❤
  • meet any of NCIS cast, including Sasha Alexander and Cote de Pablo!
  • have dolphin as my pet

I guess some of you will say, “What the..”
I know it was nearly impossible, but, hey, dreams are free, right?

Okay, that’s my might-never-gonna-be-come-true dreams. That list might change, depend on my mood and by time.

Next, I want to share what my ‘real’ dreams are:

  • travel around the world, especially Israel, Brazil, New Zealand, Vienna and Prague
  • have my own library and music studio
  • become owner of a school
  • publish my books
  • have my own bookstore

I want to have school cause my dream is not only to be teacher, but totally involve with the education thing. Maybe I’m not “so well-educated” person, but I really have concern to kids’ future. About how they pursue their dreams, how they grow up well and how they be happy to be whatever they want and meant to be.

I want to publish books cause I know, write is the best way to communicate your thoughts and dreams. You can be whatever you want. You can affect people. You can share your feels.

And they said a good writer read a lot. I love books and to imagine having my own bookstore is such a pleasure to me. The picture is clear and must be lovely. Wish it could be come true.

If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or just want to have random talk with me, feel free to contact me! I can be reached via email : contact (at) zpetronella (dot) com

Find me (and my random thoughts, or stuffs) on another social media/blog:

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Book Blog | Wattpad

Feel free to say hello, friends 😉 Hope you enjoy your visit here!


 Zelie ♥


20 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. Owh, ini Chei ya??? Waaah, tadi q “ketemu” blogger yg namanya Petronela juga loh (tapi 1 L). Kok blog ini ga ada button BBI-nya, Chei? Ebetewe theme-nya sama kayak punya Luckty yah.

    Anyway, WA rame ga ya? WA q macet, entah knp. *e kok jadi curcol*


  2. You know, some of your dream are same with me, I used to dream have my own school. I dream my school will be like Toto Chan’s school from the book “Toto Chan Little Girl at The Window” and I have interest about counseling but not relationship, more like helping children if they have problem with their study.


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